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10 (short) facts about me

1. Made in Czech Republic

2.     Music & Dance

3. And Christmas!

4. Ice hockey fan

5. Laugh a lot (and loudly).

6. Sport is important to me

7. Need variety

8.     Films and stories 

9. Liberal-minded

10. Know exactly what I want

Lucie Michaelis Photography - photographer from Leonberg

Why I love what I do

Photography offers me variety and challenges because I can always start new projects. I have a ton of ideas and am enthusiastic about a lot of things in life, and the images in my head are very precise. Implementing this is the motivation and absolute love for me. I get really excited when I start something new and love how you love it.

Your stories, fates and tales touch me deeply. We almost always stay in touch even after our little project and it is nice to see how you are doing.

I'm opening my first studio in April 2024 and it's going to be really busy, so stay tuned, I haven't even started with all my ideas yet ;-)

Let's get to know each other

Lucie Michaelis Photography - portrait and boudoir photographer
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